Practice Makes Perfect

It was the middle of the week, the rain had finally let up but the clouds were still hanging around. I decided to take the train to the club for rehearsal. It’s dirty, smells like urine and is usually crowded but it’s still one of the quickest ways to get around. The train was always full of a variety of people, all huddled together trying to pretend like no one else was on the train. Oddly enough, this was part of what I had always liked about this city, the fact that almost anyone could walk around, unnoticed and unmolested, no matter where you were.
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Grey Skies

The sky was dark and it hung low over the city obscuring the tips of the buildings. The rain beat down on my windows with a determination that let me know the rain wasn’t going anywhere for a while. It was just as well, I wasn’t going into the club today. I called in sick, they would be fine without me, practicing some of the back up routines and early acts. I took the chance to enjoy a nice long bath and decided to spend the rest of the day, in my robe, shopping online. Continue reading

A Mall on my Desk

People often ask me where I get my outfits. Like I’ve said, I sometimes visit a few of the boutique shops that you can find in certain corners of the city. I usually only go to these places for accessories or additions to my other outfits because it’s rare that they will have anything in stock that will absolutely wow me. I get most of my outfits from the internet. There are a couple of reasons for this.
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Special Delivery

The dressing room was unusually quiet in the middle of the week, just a few girls chatting with each other. The club had been seeing more business in the past few days than it had in months. Most of it was due to the great review we had received in the paper. The joy of finally having their efforts recognized seems to have reinvigorated a few of the girls and, I must admit, the shows have been spectacular. Every performer knows that you need a good audience to have a really great show.
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Not an Empty Seat Anywhere

As we stood on the stage waiting for the curtain to rise we heard the audience quiet down.  The music started up and the curtain slowly made its way to the ceiling.  There was a brief overture of sorts before the stage lights went on.  We kept still, I could feel my muscles tightening a bit.  As the curtain rose over my head I could see out into the audience.  The place was packed, there were people everywhere.  All of the tables were full, the bar was packed and there were even people just standing in the back.
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Full House

It was Saturday night and the club was packed.  It’s been crowded before but I have never seen it like this.  There was a line outside that stretched down the block and, from the looks of it, we weren’t going to be able to seat everyone.  The club is a decent size but it hasn’t seen this type of action for a long time.  While I would like to give credit to the club’s marketing efforts, I can’t help but think that this turn out was because of the review.  I thought some people would have read it but I never expected anything like this.
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All Eyes on Me

It was still Saturday night and the place was absolutely full. I had finished my makeup and had just finished putting on my dress. I pulled my hair up tight and fixed the head dress onto it. Ginger was still in the dressing room, she was an absolute mess, it was obvious she had never played to a crowd this large before. Large crowds don’t bother me, I’ve learned to deal with the stress and turn it into energy. I had performed for large crowds, in the past, as a backup dancer and had learned how important it was to not let it affect you.
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